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  • Featured Product of the Month- SureFit® VS Hook1:05

    Featured Product of the Month- SureFit® VS Hook

    Wolfgang Coronel, senior manager - sales engineering - textile & plastic products, introduces this month's featured product, SureFit® VS Hook. For more information about this product visit our website

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  • Featured Product of the Month-  EVERBRIGHT® Zipper0:53

    Featured Product of the Month- EVERBRIGHT® Zipper

    Junko Nakagawa, marketing specialist at YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. presents the EVERBRIGHT® Zipper, a shiny zipper that has a higher corrosion resistance compared to regular metal zippers. This zipper adds lux

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  • Featured Product of the Month- YKK's IRR Zipper1:01

    Featured Product of the Month- YKK's IRR Zipper

    Bryon Robinson, senior manager- government and safety, shares his insight on YKK’s IRR zipper. Our IRR (Infrared Reflectance) Zipper uses a special coating that allows it to be largely invisible to in

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  • YKK click-TRAK0:17

    YKK click-TRAK

    Completely new and easy way to close the zipper. Simply position and snap open parts. Open parts components automatically rotate and engage by pushing open parts down. Components are enlarged for easi

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  • YKK METALUXE® Tough0:51


    The new high strength metal look zipper, now available in METALUXE® product line. Special Y-ZiP® element design provides higher strength favorable for bag applications.

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  • YKK Quick & Easy Lock System1:42

    YKK Quick & Easy Lock System

    Worry less about your zippers opening without knowing it. Easily lock the zipper by pulling the two sliders together. The zipper will unlock by pulling down the slider into the plastic bottom parts.

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  • YKK QuickFree®   Kids version1:07

    YKK QuickFree® Kids version

    QuickFree® is our new product which has both Smart Insertion & Quick Release function in one zipper.

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  • YKK QuickFree®1:06

    YKK QuickFree®

    “QuickFree®” is our new product which has both Smart Insertion & Quick Release function in one zipper. It allows users to release the zipper by simply pulling apart the garment from both sides of the

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  • YKK's innovative woven zipper (EYL)0:21

    YKK's innovative woven zipper (EYL)

    Woven-in zipper for luggage and bags

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  • YKK: World Class Performance1:03

    YKK: World Class Performance

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  • YKK at a glance

    YKK at a glance

    From diapers to spacesuits and backpacks to automobiles, users of YKK® Fastening Products benefit from YKK's network of 108 companies operating in 72 countries and regions around the world.

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  • This is YKK9:25

    This is YKK

    Striving to make a happier society through manufacturing

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  • YKK SOFLEX® 20:52


    YKK SOFLEX® stretches to fit your body.

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  • YKK FLEXFix®0:51

    YKK FLEXFix®

    FLEXFix® is a revolutionary plastic snap which achieves more freedom in form, colors and design.

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  • YKK® Brand Water Protective Zippers1:26

    YKK® Brand Water Protective Zippers

    Check out our full line of water protective fastening solutions. Learn more at http://ykknorthamerica.com/application/personal-protective-equipment/immersion/.

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  • AQUASEAL®0:31


    The amazing AQUASEAL® zipper from YKK is perfect for active marine sportswear and lots more! Smooth and flexible, it offers optimum protection with a film-coated tape and an innovative zipper element

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  • PROSEAL®0:31


    YKK's PROSEAL® zipper keeps you dry even under water. This airtight and watertight zipper can be used for diving, immersion, chemical, and emergency suits to protect workers from hazardous materials.

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  • FLEXSEAL®0:31


    FLEXSEAL® has a strong and flexible coil element offering a durable, lightweight and fully waterproof solution for the most demanding applications. The extruded fin profile offers protection from the

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  • YKK NCA Group CSR Activities FY201610:10

    YKK NCA Group CSR Activities FY2016

    Overview of YKK North and Central America Group's CSR Activities during FY2016 (April 2016-March 2017).

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  • Zippers 101

    Zippers 101

    Everything you ever wanted to know about how a zipper works, the types of zipper available, and how to choose a zipper - from zipper manufacturer YKK

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