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  • YKK® click-TRAK® zipper0:58

    YKK® click-TRAK® zipper

    Completely new and easy way to close the zipper. Simply position and snap open parts. Open parts components automatically rotate and engage by pushing open parts down. Components are enlarged for easi

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  • YKK® sustainable zipper: GreenRise®1:40

    YKK® sustainable zipper: GreenRise®

    Since the development of the NATULON® zipper, the YKK Group has been actively developing sustainability-conscious products around the world to achieve its Environmental Vision 2050. GreenRise® is a zi

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  • YKK® Non Swivel Slider (Item Code: 3M DF33)0:37

    YKK® Non Swivel Slider (Item Code: 3M DF33)

    This slider was developed for use in the inner pocket of long wallets. Conventional non-locking sliders sometimes cause the handle to swivel, making it difficult to close the wallet. This slider does

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  • YKK® POWERHOOK®(Item Code1QCLF)0:37


    In addition to zippers used for clothing and bags, YKK manufactures and sells hook and loop fasteners that can be opened and closed (detached) by attaching two surfaces together. While conventional ho

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  • YKK® FLATKNIT® AquaGuard® Zipper0:43

    YKK® FLATKNIT® AquaGuard® Zipper

    Water-resistant AquaGuard® is now available in a new series, using FLATKNIT®, a braided tape item that is light, thin, and soft. It is more flexible than regular AquaGuard® and is more suitable for sp

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  • YKK® rotating buckle (Item Code: IB-SFP1)0:36

    YKK® rotating buckle (Item Code: IB-SFP1)

    This is a lightweight and highly functional rotating buckle with the image of military gear. It is recommended for use with supporters and protectors, as well as shoulder bags, sachets, and other bags

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  • YKK® QuarterLock Snap®0:37

    YKK® QuarterLock Snap®

    This is a special snap button that can be simply locked by turning the cap part 90 degrees. Original designs and a wide variety of plating are available. For example, it can be used on a pocketbook or

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  • YKK® Coil Zipper No 3 with Insert Support Slider0:35

    YKK® Coil Zipper No 3 with Insert Support Slider

    This is a coil zipper with an insertion aid function that allows the butterfly rod to be inserted by holding it against the underside of the slider. The bottom surface of the slider opening has been e

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  • YKK® CONCEAL® Zipper No.3 Silicone Coating Type0:29

    YKK® CONCEAL® Zipper No.3 Silicone Coating Type

    CONCEAL® is characterized by the fact that the zipper element is not visible. By coating the center of the tape with silicone, we have expressed a stylish design not seen in conventional CONCEAL®. Its

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  • YKK® CONCEAL® Zipper No.2 BPR Tape0:37

    YKK® CONCEAL® Zipper No.2 BPR Tape

    CONCEAL® No.2 BPR Tape is a highly flexible and stretchable tape (*) developed for CONCEAL® zippers, which are used for dresses and skirts. CONCEAL® No.2 BPR Tape will contribute to the pursuit of des

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  • YKK® VISLON® Zipper Magnet Type0:36

    YKK® VISLON® Zipper Magnet Type

    VISLON® Zipper Magnet Type is a product that has magnets embedded in the left and right opening parts. The magnetic force allows the zipper to be closed simply by bringing the opening parts closer tog

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  • YKK® MINIFA® Zipper0:34

    YKK® MINIFA® Zipper

    MINIFA® is YKK's smallest, lightest, thinnest, and softest zipper (*1). Compared to other zippers, it has less contact with the skin and fits neatly into inside pockets, making it easy to wear. MINIFA

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  • YKK® Horizontal Stretch Tape Zipper (EB tape)0:36

    YKK® Horizontal Stretch Tape Zipper (EB tape)

    This is a special coil zipper with elasticity added to part of the knitting structure of the zipper tape. By adding elasticity to a portion of the tape, the slider's sliding resistance when a lateral

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  • YKK® zippers for Industrial Materials2:48

    YKK® zippers for Industrial Materials

    YKK's zippers are used in a variety of applications to enrich people's lives and improve work efficiency. They are used not only in apparel and bags, but also in all kinds of places, such as on the st

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  • YKK® AiryString®0:39

    YKK® AiryString®

    AiryString® was born through the development of a tapeless zipper and a special sewing machine that can sew the elements directly onto the fabric. AiryString® creates a sense of unity between the zipp

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  • YKK® Reverse Use Slider for bag Item Code5CN DF46B en0:35

    YKK® Reverse Use Slider for bag Item Code5CN DF46B en

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  • YKK Sustainability Vision 20500:20

    YKK Sustainability Vision 2050

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  • Thank you YKK Team for all you do!6:02

    Thank you YKK Team for all you do!

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  • YKK® Woven-In Tough Zipper1:18

    YKK® Woven-In Tough Zipper

    YKK's Woven-In Tough Zipper utilizes a new woven-in structure that reduces the chain thickness by approximately 15%, which makes for a flatter, more stylish appearance. The zipper is precision enginee

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  • METALUXE® Mirror Like with Black Hologram Finish1:15

    METALUXE® Mirror Like with Black Hologram Finish

    Looking to add a bit of glamour to your life? YKK's METALUXE® zipper is a distinctive VISLON® zipper made of injection molded plastic elements that is designed with a unique element shape to give the

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